Las Vegas Escort Violet 

Let's See Vegas Together

I love to take my clients to see the sites of Las Vegas. Whatever you want to experience of Sin City, I can be there with you. Often times I will know someone to get us a discount or a cut in line! Night time is my favorite time in Vegas. It can be quite exhilarating with all the lights and all. I'd love to hang with you and check out the wonderful views from your Penthouse suite. There's noting like a little private one on one room service and a massage, right? I like red wine FYI!

Change It Up!

Maybe you are looking to change it up and hire a dominatrix while you are here in Sin City? Like I said, "Whatever you want to experience"! I'll hook you right up with the soft beat down you need. If you call me ahead of time, I can be sure to bring all the tools of the trade! Whips, Cat tails, handcuffs or ball gags? What's your thing? I won't know till you call me and tell me so call and I will prepare the gear! I love to dominate men! It beats the hell out of getting dominated all the time!

Call Me Now! Text Me Now!

As a woman who lives a life of leisure, I am available around the clock to all of the discerning gentlemen who find themselves in this great city. I have some of the softest hands that you are ever going to encounter, too. As a child who grew up in a home that emphasized massage therapy, I am uniquely skilled in this regard.

I'll be the one who takes all of the blues away. I'm the one who turns your frown upside down. Let Violet whisk you away from all of the ordinary Vegas pursuits and show you a whole new way. I'll head to your suite and offer you a relaxing rubdown before we head out to paint this town red!